Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Everybody Loves Rodney

After his presence of mind on Saturday helped prevent more serious injury to Auburn safety Zac Etheridge, Rodney Scott has peeked the interest of the media. Below is an AP and staff report on the freshman tailback, who is speaking with ESPN.com's Mark Schlabach tonight for an upcoming story on the site.

OleMissSports.com: Scott Drawing Praise For Sportsmanship, Awareness


  1. Rodney Scott is a very special guy , He could have gotten up and not cared about what happened to a player from the "other" team but he didn't. It goes to show what a person is made. I hope he has a long future in football and he now has a new fan.

  2. As an Auburn fan, I'm so very thankful for and impressed with Rodney Scott's perception and maturity. What presence of mind not to move! Ten minutes can seem like an eternity in a situation like that. Thank you, Mr. Scott, for your mature and sportsmanlike reaction. I hope you have a very successful career. I've become one of your fans!