Saturday, November 27, 2010

Egg Bowls Remembered

Today will mark the the 83rd Battle for the Golden Egg, and the Rebels hold a 54-23-5 edge. For those historians out there, check out a reprint of the exact Commercial Appeal article from the first Egg Bowl in 1927 on The main site also has a free video highlight reel of the 1966 State game, narrated by the great Stan Torgerson in RebelVision.


  1. Can we not get rid of Nutt? Just like our relatives in Arkansas have been telling us - as soon as Orgeron's recruits are gone, Nutt won't measure up. He's a used car salesman, all emotion and very little substance. Our university deserves better.

  2. I agree. A great institution like Ole Miss doesn't need to keep this Arkansas castoff as our coach. He is truly a charlatan, being exposed now for what he is. Let's don't be dragged down any more. Look where the rest of the Western Division is going - up. Look at Arkansas, MSU, Auburn, and as always, LSU and Bama. They are all getting better, with great coaches. We need to look to the future, without Houston, and as soon as possible.