Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rebels Featured In FCA Magazine

Todd Johnson, Jason Cook and Peggie Gillom-Granderson do a tremendous job with Ole Miss FCA in providing support to our Rebel student-athletes. Recently, a few of our football players shared thoughts on their faith with the FCA national publication, Share The Victory. Here is what they said.

Zack Brent: "On the field we should give our all and give Him glory for the opportunity He’s given us. And, even if we are on the sidelines, we should give it our all, praying for the guys on both teams who are on the field and asking that God’s will be done.”

Reggie Hicks: “The ability to play football is a God-given talent, and I give all my passion, energy and fire for the Lord. It’s kind of like my worship service. My playing is the most elaborate worship I can give Him.”

Jason Jones: “God has given us our talents and abilities, and we should worship Him every time we have the opportunity—on or off the field. In every aspect of daily life, everything we do should be worship to Him and should bring Him glory.”

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