Monday, January 10, 2011

Lee Proven QB Developer

As we announced Monday evening on the main site, the Miami Dolphins' David Lee has been tapped to direct the Rebels' offense and coach quarterbacks. While many regard Lee as the man that revived the Wildcat offense in the NFL, he has also proven to be very proficient in developing QBs in his 35 years in the coaching biz (29 in college, six in NFL). Six of his quarterbacks were drafted or signed free-agent deals following their collegiate careers, and in the pros, he helped develop Tony Romo from an undrafted free agent in 2003 to a Pro Bowler in 2006.

Perhaps the greatest example of Lee's teaching skills came during last year's Senior Bowl, when he helped prepare Tim Tebow for the 2010 NFL Draft. Check out a great article on Lee's influence on Superman from the Miami Herald last March.

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  1. after 9 yard run on 1st down, always run play action pass. would have been 24-7 at half.