Thursday, May 26, 2011

Countdown To Kickoff: 100 Days

With the 2011 opener against BYU 100 days away, the blog is once again launching its popular (or at least it's popular in our office) Countdown to Kickoff. The countdown actually began this morning with the highly anticipated release of the gameday survey results and improvement plan, which includes 100 improvements in the next 100 days. If you have yet to see it, it's very impressive and includes some great plans to improve what is already the greatest gameday tradition in college football.

As far as our kickoff post on the blog, day 100 highlights the 100th victory in the history of the Ole Miss football program, which was the season opener of the 1925 campaign. On Sept. 26 of that year, the Rebels smoked Arkansas A&M, now known as Arkansas State, 53-0. The following image was taken from the 1926 Ole Miss yearbook with the cutline, "Ole Miss vs. A&M on paper." I can't figure it out so please comment if you can.

FYI, we will jump around a little bit on the countdown, so stay tuned for our next post in the upcoming weeks.

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