Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wallace Fantasy Sleeper

Former Rebel Mike Wallace is quickly emerging as a rookie weapon for the Steelers, and the fantasy world is taking notice. Check out the Yahoo article, which was even published before he blew up for a 47-yard TD bomb (that's 11 points in standard PPR scoring leagues) against the Lions on Sunday.

Yahoo: Mike Wallace plays hard for a full '60 Minutes'


  1. Ole Miss Fans

    I've been an Ole Miss fan my entire life. I've been to numerous games (baseball, football, basketball). The thing that bothers me the most about Ole Miss is it's fans. I am sick and tired of fans not getting angry after a defeat. I was at the Bama game and in the Grove last Saturday and I am bothered by the fact that people don't seem to care if we lose or not. After a horrible performance by our offense people were still dumb enough to be chanting "Hotty Toddy." I have friends who live in other states in the south who are fans of other SEC schools and there fans demand better from there schools. When are we gonna realize that football season is more than a party. Don't get me wrong, i like a good time just as much as the next guy but when it comes to the game i want to see passion by the fans, players, and staff. By the way we should have played Stanley or Flatt...they couldn't have done any worse! It's time to get serious about Ole Miss sports and hold the team more accountable.

  2. diehardrebel said...
    I have been following the rebs sense 1958 and around 1975 it became about fans dressing nice and boasting well we lost but we didn't look to bad and we should were the best dressed fans. What is sad every time that we are suppose to be great we are terrible. Listen Ole Miss has the talent this year and it is not showing up on game day. Who's fault is that? I would think the coaching staff. Saban had his team ready for the big game and Nutt did not. This year I can tell before the second quarter if we are going to play well and belive me by the middle of the first quarter verses Bama I knew it was over. Yes the Ole Miss Nation should be mad as he-- after last Saturday. I drove 612 miles from North Carolina to watch Ole Miss win and drove back Saturday instead of Sunday because I was mad not because we lost but how we played on offense and Ole Miss was never in the game, we were embarrsed by a much better prepared football team not a better football team but a bettered prepared and coached team. In fairness to Ole Miss fans Alabama does have 21 coaches on its staff all from the NFL. That is nearly one coach per starting player. Cody the big linemen for Bama stated that their game plan was to get inside of Sneads head and Bama would win and he stated that they accomplished this within first quarter. Yes Ole Miss fans get mad and stop being worried about being the number 1 tailgating college in America and becoming the number 1 football team in the nation. Nutt can't keep making excuses for Snead or we maynot win another ballgame.