Monday, July 25, 2011

Beats and Tweets

As we do every summer, it's time for us to update our gameday music system for the upcoming football season. So I decided to poll some of our staff and see what kind of music get's them pumped up for football gamedays. I got everything from CCR to Usher so I wanted to share a few. We also want to get input from you the fans and see what your favorite songs are. Be sure to comment on this post with your favorite gameday songs or just songs that get you pumped up. You can also tweet @rebelgameday. Be sure to listen this fall as your song may be played at Vaught Hemingway Stadium! Hotty Toddy!

Staff Picks:

Brandon Hudspeth-Marketing

Connie Braseth-Marketing

Dan Pelligrino- Athletics Graphic Designer

Kyle Campbell-Asst. AD Media Relations

Joey Jones-Media Relations

Bill Bunting-Media Relations

Kim Ling-Media Relations

Kristen Saibini-Media Relations

Angela Robinson-AD Business and Finance

Cathy Pate- Athletics Business Office

Ally Slivka-Business Office Intern

Katherine Thornton-Senior Staff Assistant

Michael Thompson- AD Marketing and Communications



  2. How about "She's a Rebel" by Green Day?

  3. Is there an email address where we can send suggestions?

  4. "REBEL YELL" by Billy Idol- need I say more?

  5. Goin' Down South RL Burnside
    It's Bad you Know RL Burnside
    Everything is Broken RL Burnside
    Midnight in Mississippi Blue Mountain
    Mississippi your on My Mind Jesse Winchester
    All Night Long Jr Kimbrough
    Ole Miss Blues/ Rag WC Handy Louis Armstrong
    Rebel Yell Billy Idol
    Duane Eddy Rebel Rouser

  6. Please end the playing of "In the Air Tonight." It isn't a good song that pumps up the atmosphere at the game. Our music should hinge towards the more modern side but if you want to have some old hits played that inject energy that is fine. Also, Zombie Nation works at Lambeau Field but not at Vaught.

  7. Widespress Panic - Thin Air (Feels like Mississippi)

  8. Some version of Requiem for a Tower

    If overlain properly with good video, nothing is better IMHO.

  9. "All I do is win"...not sure of the artist

  10. Play music that gets you pumped up like Stranglehold AC/DC other loud rock and loud rap. Who cares if the song mentions the words "Mississippi" or "Rebel", nobody wants to listen to the fucking Doobie brothers or David Bowie while playing a football game. Who the hell would play Pink at a football game? Play music that makes people want to hit people, it's football not a fucking middle school dance

  11. Agree with Randy Yates, too many good hill country blues songs by RL & Jr not use them. But, what ever fires up the players. The fans desires should be considered after theirs.

  12. We need to get rid of so much Classic Rock. It doesn't relate to the players and the majority of young fans. When a recruit comes to visit he doesn't want to hear Back in Black, he wants to hear a rap pump up song or something to that effect. Same thing with the players.

  13. Play John Lee Hooker or BB King. MS natives and bada$$ old school music. Pleae, why play rock that is over used like AC DC?

  14. Second Rebel Rouser by Duane Eddy. The band could really do a great arrangement of this.

  15. In the Air Tonight by phil collins and Rebel Yell are both good choices. Another good choice is "Not Afraid" by Eminem. Gets me pumped up anyway.

  16. this would be awesome with the right pump up video.

  17. Man this is The University of Mississippi ! Right ?
    So let's hear from , Jimmy Reed , Muddy Waters , John Lee Hooker & Elvis !

    Let's show our "MISSISSIPPI PRIDE" !

    Also The Pride of the South - From DIXIE with Love !!!!!!

  18. Agree on The Hill Country Blues.

    Stuff the students would get the students crazy:

    Pretty Lights - Finally Moving Remix or Hot Like Sauce

    My Morning Jacket - Victory Dance

    PLEASE do not put Sandstorm on repeat

  19. Who gives a shit what we as the fans want. We are not the ones playing in the game. Poll the players and use the songs that get them fired up! Most of the time these same songs will get the young fans and students rocking as well. Please, please, please end the Phil Collins and Jimmy Buffett!!!

  20. Radiohead - 2+2=5 (Would be awesome for a video with a pregame speech intro going into a highlight reel.)
    My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday
    Black Keys - I Got Mine

  21. Here's a lists for the game. Since children will be in the stadium, use clean version.
    Wolfmother Joker & the theif
    Hustle Hard Remix Ace Hood
    Usher Hot Toddy
    Lil wayne Put me in the Game
    Nickleback Burn it to the ground
    Drake Forever
    We taking over DJ Khaled
    Thin Lizzy Boys are back in town
    BB king Thrill is gone & Let the good times roll
    Johnny Cash Gods gonna cut you down & Aint no grave
    Take me to the game Krazy J (ole miss song)
    Flo Rida Right Round
    Pitbull Calle Ocho
    Young chris Racks
    Roscoe Dash Show out
    B.O.B I am the champion
    Areosmith Dream on T.I. Yeah Ya know Rihanna go hard. This is what I use to get fired up. It's a variety for everyone


  23. Muse has a ton of great "pump" songs, and I would go nuts if I heard any of them in the Vaught:

    Stockholm Syndrome
    Butterflies and Hurricanes
    Knights of Cydonia
    Plug-in Baby
    The Uprising
    Apocalypse Please (at kick-off would be awesome)

    to name a few...

  24. ac dc thunderstruck is great just turn it up and see the stadium rock ,also would like to hear mississippi queen and i know it says queen but it is a great rock and pump it up song.

  25. How about playing a segment on the jumbotron where players pick their favorite game day song and have them explain why they enjoy it. I'd love to her kentrell lockett comment about his favorite song. You could possibly play it just before the defense hits the field. I feel it's most important to have music relate to the players and student section as they create energy that the whole crowd feeds on.

  26. You are crazy not to include Deadmau5 in this list. Finding "off the run" songs where people will associate that song ONLY with Ole Miss football is going to be key in creating a UNIQUE in game experience.

  27. Check this out-
    Listen and imagine our band rocking back and forth outside the tunnel then the students following suit - then whole stadium picks up on it rocking back and forth. It also coupd be used during defensive situations

    David Banner / DMX "Tear It Up"

  28. Kudos on the Black Water pick. Great song with a Mississippi reference. While most of the stadium music should be updated over time, I do think we should establish some tradition with a handful of songs with Mississippi references or connections. Make it unique. Make it Mississippi.

    Here's a great start: Old Crow Medicine Show's "Mississippi Saturday Night". Perfect.

  29. It's Time To Play the Game, by Rob Zombie or Motorhead.

    It's all about the game and whose gonna take it. It's all about contol and whose gonna take it. I am heavy debt, and you can't re-pay me.

  30. Mississippi Queen - Mountain - jackson ms, Kid Rock

  31. "Saturday Night Special" by Lynard Skynard


    Pretty Lights - Finally Moving remix

    And if you REALLY want to get the students loud play some bassnectar - his new album comes out in early august

    Other Bassnectar:

    Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado
    Bass Head
    Blast Off

    Only What You Gave Me by Altrice is another awesome pump-up song. It is featured in this video

  33. Let's stop being cheap and pay for the rights to play the Elvis - American Trilogy video again after games. There is no chance of TSWRA chant and everyone loved it. Even opposing fans stayed to watch that video when we played it. PLEASE bring it back!

  34. As to the post above about Elvis' American Trilogy, if that song is played after every game it might actually educate the students on what the real words to From Dixie With Love are

  35. Muse's Knights of Cydonia

    NO RAP

  37. My Morning Jacket- Holding on to Black Metal
    - Lay Low
    - I'm Amazed
    Black Keys- I Got Mine
    Drive-by Truckers- Rebels
    - Sink Hole
    The Stooges- I Wanna Be Your Dog

    less classic rock, more contemporary rock

  38. play the begining of marylin manson beautiful people it will fire u up and make u want to go knock the crap out of somebody

  39. "SHOUT" would get the crowd really fired up! Also, bring back FDWL PLEASE!

  40. Please god play rap music. The players want to hear it, recruits want to hear it, and the students want to hear it. If you want to know why our stadium atmosphere is awful, just read through most of these suggestions. Jimmy Reed? At a football game? Jesus.

  41. It has a perfect relation to sports, and it will get the fans off their seats... ALL I DO IS WIN.
    DJ Khaled "All I Do Is Win" feat. Ludacris, Rick Ross ...

  42. Play My Morning Jacket please.. or even Sleigh Bells that would be interesting... tons of easy choices.. get rid of most of the oldies. you want loud students I think

  43. Rebel the Black BearJuly 26, 2011 at 11:36 AM

    The XX - Intro
    Eminem - Till I Collapse
    My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday
    Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em
    David Bowie - Rebel Rebel
    Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
    Drive-By Truckers version of Tom Petty - Rebels
    The Black Keys - I Got Mine
    Meek Mill - Tupac Back feat. Rick Ross

  44. Rebel the Black BearJuly 26, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    Also, if you want the students to get into it, play PRETTY LIGHTS or DEADMAU5. Sandstorm was cool in 2003, it needs to be put to bed. Pretty Lights would get the whole stadium going absolutely nuts, especially opening game with it being a later kickoff.

  45. Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks (it's the most sampled drum beat in rap)

    Ditto the comment above regarding The Black Keys - "I Got Mine".

  46. ‎1."Racks" - YC ft. Future 2."Blast Off" - Future 3."I'm Gone" - Mic Hargrove 4."Fine Girls/Ole Miss" - Krazy J 5."Whoa oh oh" - Zombie Nation 6."Rebel Yell" - Bon Jovi 7."Thunderstruck" - ACDC 8."Crazy Train" - Ozzy Osbourne 9."Get Big" - Dorrough 10. "Hot in Here" - Nelly 11."Here comes the boom" - Nelly 12."Tie Me Down" - New Boyz 13."Jump Around" - House of Pain 14."Enter Sandman" - Metallica 15."I'm Back" - T.I. 16."All the way turnt up" - Roscoe Dash and Soulja Boy 17."Who Dat" - J. Cole 18."Out Here Grindin" - DJ Khaled 19."All we do is win" - DJ Khaled 20."Love is gone" - David Guetta 21."Halftime" - Ying Yang Twins 22."Requiem for a Dream" - Clint Mansell 23."I Like It" - Enrique Iglesias 24."California Girls" - Tupac ft. Dr.Dre 25."WOP" - J Dash 26."Touchdown" - Yo Gotti 27."Speakers Going hammer" - Soulja Boy 28."Fed up" - Dj Khaled 29."It's Goin Down" - Yung Joc 30."Crank that soulja boy" - soulja boy 31."Say Something" - Timbaland 32."The show goes on" - Lupe Fiasco 33."Break the chain" - Lupe Fiasco 34."Say Yeah" - Wiz Khalifa 35."Better with the lights off" - New Boyz 36."Up in here" - DMX 37."We Ready" - Archie Eversole 38."Living on a Prayer" - Bon Jovi 39."Remember the name" - Fort Minor 40."Boom" - POD 41."Heart of a champion" - Nelly 42."Gone" - Donnis 43."Stadium Music" - Day 26 44."Tick Tick Boom" - The Hives" 45."Hello good Morning" - P Diddy

  47. You can never forget these songs below:
    Clocks - Coldplay (at the end of games)
    Ghosts n stuff - Deadmau5
    Zombie Nation

  48. I'm on one DJ Khaled
    T.I. what u know
    Lil Wayne John
    Got to improve music.

  49. Please don't play Pink. Please. Or Usher.

    Hip hop is great, students love it, as do the players. The "down in front" crowd that opposes it will be there regardless, we need more students in the stands.

    Someone call DJ Mario. Get that cat up in the booth, it would be great.

  50. Or Black Eyed Peas. No Peas parties.

  51. Anything by Disturbed...their songs always got me pumped up. Spacelord by Monster Magnet; Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine; Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC; Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue; Stronger by Kanye West; God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash; I got mine by the Black Keys; Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother; Waste My Hate by Metallica; Theme Song from the Conan Movies (i'm serious); Slither by Velvet Revolver;

  52. For the love of God, some of these Rap songs mentioned are ones from the hay day of Atlanta and Houston rap. They're good, but they're old and over played. If you want this generation of students at OM to actually enjoy the music and heighten energy levels, play DUBSTEP. It sounds incredible, it does cause an increasing secretion of serotonin, and why not use that new VHS sound system? Pretty Lights, Basenectar, Skrillex, etc. Just go grab any CURRENT college student on the Square and they'll tell you. Just look who the Lyric has lined up this Fall...

  53. Waka Flocka Grove St. Party
    Eminem Fast Lane
    Lupe Fiasco Show goes on
    T.I. (guaranteed to get you fired up)

    It's all about getting the team hype and the crowd pumped. You blend the new with the old. Rappers and rap songs must be relevant. At least 5 years old. If all fails get DJ Mario.

  54. My Morning Jacket- One Big Holiday
    XX- Intro

    Both of these songs fit the fabric that is Ole Miss. Great music made by great artists that does nothing but excite. They will not only ignite the student sections but the entire crowd. Students not in the stadium will regret not being inside when these tracks drop. These two are a must. This could be our niche i.e. Enter Sandman @ Va Tech, Sandstorm @ USC. (Both are family friendly)

  55. I hope the team have a powerful intro before running on the field. A video on the jumbotron with a song that will shake the stadium. You want the players ready to roll, and the fans going crazy. This will leave a huge impression with the recruits. Winning would make it even sweeter. When the players hear that song, they will know it's go time.

  56. Agree with the Dubstep. All of those would be awesome. So would Deadmau5.

  57. I think everybody in the stands should start jumping wheen they play jump around by house of pain or enter sandman by metallica! Just take a look at Va tech and Wisconsin entrances on YouTube and they're not even SEC. When they play Sandstorm and Zombie Nation fans should wave they're pom poms in around and around!! No black eye peas or soft music!! Plays lots of T.I. And Dorrough and Yo Gotti and Soulja Boy music! They're from the south and that's mainly what our youth listen too. Trust me, I am a youth. Nobody wants to hear Jason Aldean or Micheal Jackson Music played this fall. Use some of the music from Basketball and Baseball too!! I mean our fans aren't playing, our players are!! They like modern music, not music from the golden days!

  58. Rebels, we're on the verge of expansion to the Vaught! Fans of all ages have to get hyped!!! This is the year, we surprise everybody! I can feel it! 35 days from now, we're on that field playing those cougars! I want it packed! They're a good team and we can't take advantage of them like we did last year! Brandon Bolden and Kentrell "Superman" Lockett want this to be the best Ole Miss season in the past decade! I want the Vaught to be going nuts this fall? The name for this season in my book is going to be called "Rebel Redemption"! So join in the Rebelution today!