Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stanley Featured On

After a strong spring, Nathan Stanley has taken the lead in the Rebel quarterback race. He spoke with Chris Low on Wednesday for the following feature on

Stanley's shot comes earlier than expected

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  1. I, am a long time Ole Miss Fan, I have followed the Rebs sense 1956 win or loose. I have lived in North Carolina for over twenty five years. There is five 3-A high schools and one 2-A and one 1-A school in Rowan county North Carolina. This is FOOTBALL & BASEBALL COUNTY.What really uspets me is that Arkansas is zeroing in on Rowan County. They signed two top football recruits last year and currently are zeroing in on five players for their next year recruits. My point is simple if the HOGS can recruit in Rowan County, I know that Ole Miss could out recruit Arkansas by a margin of 10 to 1. The schools in Rown County are East Rowan, West Rowan, South Rowan, Carson High all (3-A) schools and Salisbury High (2-A) and North Rowan (1-A. Every (3-A) school has players ever year that is D-1 Material. These school are always playing for state championships and win their fair share of them. Lets recruit some of these kids and put a stop to Arkansas taking the cream of the crop. Ole Miss can out recruit Arkansas. Today the Salisbury Post has three players considering Arkansas. I hope this gets to coach Nutt. Rowan county is loaded with SUPER GREAT baseball teams and one of the best Legion teams in the nation, they are loaded with talent. They play at Catawba College loaded with talent Mississippi State, Auburn, Alabama heavly recruit these kids. Please Ole Miss take a look at Rowan County, North Carolina. Rowan count is 24 miles south of Wake Forest University.
    Died Hard Rebel
    Danny C. Rye
    111 Brookshire Drive
    Salisbury, NC 28146