Friday, May 7, 2010

Maisel Notes Vaught's Birthday

Yesterday was the birthday of the late legendary Ole Miss coach Johnny Vaught, and on the College Football Nation Blog, Ivan Maisel made mention of the Rebel great and threw out some interesting figures on the financial growth in college athletics, writing:

Today is the 101st anniversary of Hall of Fame coach Johnny Vaught’s birth. Here’s a few numbers from his 1971 autobiography, Rebel Coach. University budget: $26 million. Ole Miss athletic budget: $982,000. Vaught salary: $28,500. And here is their counterpart today: The 2009-10 university budget: $1.58 billion (60 times greater). The 2008-09 athletic budget: $34.4 million. (34 times greater). Houston Nutt’s 2009 salary: $2.5 million (98 times greater).

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