Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nutt Fired Up In Destin

I spent the last week participating in my first Southeastern Conference Spring Meetings in Destin. After reading the many reports from the festivities each year, I anticipated an elaborate media area where the press set up and file their stories during the day. There is a media area. It's basically a foyer, where the reporters camp out outside the meeting rooms. They block the elevators, so the SEC coaches and administrators have to get past them before they can exit. It's not as fiendish as it might sound (the writers are usually understanding if the coaches decline comment), but it's not quite what I expected. They sit on the floor with their computers in their laps all day while waiting on meetings to get out.

Among the media contingency was our friend Chris Low with, who spoke with Coach Houston Nutt and posted a story about their conversation on his blog Friday. The Clarion-Ledger's Kyle Veazey was also in Destin and reported on the growth of the SEC and its effects on the state schools this morning.

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