Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Same Ole Dex

If you are an Ole Miss fan watching Dexter McCluster do amazing things on the football field became common place. Now, fans in Kansas City are picking up Dex's abilities. I'll let the Chief's blog pick it up here:

Caution: If you’re a shoe on the foot of Dexter McCluster, you’re subject to complete destruction.

McCluster turned in perhaps the most impressive offensive play of OTAs with a long catch and run up the seam, capped off with a foot race against Eric Berry. McClsuter’s move to beat fellow Ole Miss teammate Kendrick Lewis was eye opening and his speed in the open field was powerful. But the best thing about the play didn’t come until the team came into the locker room. It was there that McCluster reveled the exploded sole of his Nike cleat. The destruction occurred on the cut he made to dart past Lewis into the open field.

Today, McCluster literally ran out of his shoes.

Most Rebel fans will say, 'hey, that's not the first time'. McCluster also ran out of his shoe on a 64-yard TD catch last year against Arkansas. Here is a photo of the catch-and-run.

And, here is photo evidence of the shoe.

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