Monday, January 23, 2012

NFL Rebels In Articles

Our finale in today's NFL Rebels series shares some quality articles on our guys. I tweeted a few of these out during the season, so forgive me if they are old news for you. However, some are worth another read.

Green-Ellis: Wall Street Journal: Thou Shalt Never Fumble

J. Jerry: Miami Herald: Miami Dolphins’ John Jerry getting a jump on 2012 starting spot

Lewis: AP: Chiefs safety Lewis becomes QB of secondary

Manning: No debating it Eli Manning is elite

Oher: London Times: Ghetto child in search of the perfect sequel to his story (article for subscribers only, so email me at for a copy)

Wallace: Warren Tribune Chronicle: Wallace has something to prove every week‎

Willis: San Jose Mercury News: 49ers' Willis took a hard road to NFL supremacy

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