Monday, January 23, 2012

NFL Rebels In Highlights

The next post on our former Ole Miss players in the pros provides some video highlights from this season. NFL is none too kind with embedding their footage, so most are just links. But they are well worth the click.

Green-Ellis: The Law Firm struck paydirt 11 times in the regular season, but his seven-yard jaunt yesterday was his most important of the year:

Lewis: Kendrick has intercepted three passes in each of his first two NFL seasons, and this year he got his first pick-six:

Manning: Take your pick with the kind of year Eli had, but I particularly enjoyed his hailmary in the playoff upset of the Packers:

McCluster: Dexter was also involved in a hailmary, but it was his 21-yard TD run against the Broncos that brought back memories of #22 slicing through the Vols in 2009:

Mitchell: After five seasons as a reserve, Jayme moved into the starting lineup in 2011 and had this forced fumble against the Dolphins, although the announcers fail to give him credit for it:

Sanford: Wins were tough to come by for the Vikings this year, but Jamarca secured one over the Cardinals with this late pick:

Vaughn: Cassius has scored a TD in each of his first two NFL seasons. It was a 97-yard kickoff return a year ago and this 55-yard interception return back in October:

Wallace: If ever there was a doubt that Mike isn't the biggest home run threat in the league, here is video evidence:

Willis: The most dramatic video with Patrick this year was the E60 piece we shared last week. However, if you are more interested in seeing him bring the pain, it has been brought:

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