Monday, January 23, 2012

NFL Rebels In SEC Ranks

As we look at the spectacular 2011-12 for our NFL Rebels, the first of our three blogposts looks at where our number of current pros compares to the rest of the SEC. Since we will be competing against them soon enough, I went ahead and included future conference rivals Mizzou and Texas A&M. The totals are taken from's database, and here is our latest list, which ranks seventh. However it should be noted that the Worldwide Leader has failed to include Darryl Harris, whom the Chiefs added to the active roster at the end of the season, but I have him in our total.

LSU - 41
Georgia - 40
Florida - 35
Tennessee - 33
Auburn - 31
Alabama - 26
Ole Miss - 25
South Carolina - 23
Arkansas - 17
Mississippi State - 16
Texas A&M - 16
Missouri - 15
Kentucky - 10
Vanderbilt - 9

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