Monday, January 16, 2012

The Road To The Super Bowl ...

Last weekend's playoff games continued what has been an amazing year for our many former Rebels in the NFL, and we'll have a detailed look at it next week on the official site. Among the headlines will be three Pro Bowlers -- Eli Manning, Mike Wallace and Patrick Willis -- and a player on each of the AFC and NFC championship game participants -- BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Patriots), Manning (Giants), Michael Oher (Ravens) and Willis (49ers). With a Rebel guaranteed a Super Bowl ring, it is sure to be an exciting few weeks on tap for Rebel Nation. Here are some more nuggets, and keep an eye out for the in-depth feature next week.
  • Ole Miss is one of only seven schools in the nation -- and two in the SEC -- with three or more alumni to be selected to the Pro Bowl (others are Miami 5, Pitt 4, Cal 3, Georgia 3, Michigan 3, USC 3).
  • Ole Miss is one of only six schools in the nation -- and two in the SEC -- with a former player on each of the four teams in the AFC/NFC championship games (others are Miami, Notre Dame, Oregon, Pitt and Tennessee).
  • Barring injury, Ole Miss is assured of its 24th and 25th Super Bowl participants and its 14th champion (full list).

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